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We believe in providing world-class service, expertise, and guidance to individuals looking to live, work and migrate to leading European Countries.

We have very easy and simple process, check our below four steps which we follow during initial process


Passport all Pages Scan Copy


Submit Updated CV or Resume to us.


Provide Initial Payment Receipt


We will Process Work Permit Right Away

What We Offer

Poland Work Visa

We provide limitless job opportunities for your chosen destination in Europe.

What we Offer

We provide free accommodation, free transport, free medical insurance, and  free on-duty meal along with job. Company offer flexible working arrangements, such as  flexible hours, to help employees balance their work and personal lives. Else then these benefits, Poland is a country which provides you PR in 5 years.

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Process and Detail

The Visa process requires not just specialized legal advice but also expertise, knowledge & professional insights about the rules, regulations, and documentation. We offer guidance at every step to ensure a seamless visa process and make you successful.


1st Installment

1st Installment of the Visa application fee will be paid at the start of the process to continue the Visa application.

2nd Installment

Application for work permit 45 days maximum to complete after first partial payment

3rd Installment

Release of uncovered work permit 1 month after receiving covered work permit.

Final Payment

Embassy appearance assistance 1 month after release of uncovered work permit max registration, Embassy documents and courier

Submit application form

Provide Initial documents as per guided by our visa experts.

Work Permit Processing

Working visa permit requires: min: 6 - 7 weeks max: 3 months

Embassy Registration

All the documents will be prepared and will be submitted to the embassy. Embassy will do a draw every week

Vista Stamp

After the submission of documents, Embassy issues a visa and stamp on the passport, which takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

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Our customer base is growing steadily, with more and more people discovering our services every day. We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers and ensuring our growth continues.

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